Website changes underway

Whilst reflecting recently on the layout of the O2 Landscapes website, we decided upon a number of changes that we felt would improve it. One of the most significant changes is widening the areas for text and images for most of the pages on the website, to achieve a simpler layout with more emphasis on the multitude of photographs that accompany the stories and information that we have worked on over the last 15 years.

As a result, we will undertake the rather large task of re-sizing the majority of images on the website (with the exception of those in the 'Portfolio' and 'Journal' sections, which are already in the right format) over the coming weeks, going into mid-September. During this period, certain pages will temporarily retain images that do not fit correctly in the new format, as we move through the job of altering them.

As at 3rd September, we have altered all plant profiles on the website (leaving only the 'Essays' pages to amend over the next fortnight). These offer a good example of the value of changing the website to accommodate larger images and a simpler layout.