O2 Landscapes Ltd. is an Auckland-based landscape design firm, specialising in the creation of locally-appropriate gardens and public plantings. Conservation, of both our native flora and cultural traditions, plays an important role in our work. One of our primary interests is the integration of exotic flowering species into a framework based on native ecology. We believe that this approach can provide a future for New Zealand gardens in which a greater range of native species are appreciated, and in which the seasonal change and colour provided by flowers are not lost.

We believe strongly that tradition and progress are not mutually exclusive. This is reflected in our planting ethos, and in our approach to the design of the 'hard' structure of our work.

We are heavily influenced by 'vernacular' landscape within New Zealand - the everyday features which make up the greater fabric of our built environments. Whether from our cities, rural areas or wild places, New Zealand contains a great diversity of forms and patterns stemming from everyday use, that merit investigation as the basis for design truly founded within our own culture.

O2 Landscapes is made up of owner Philip Smith, Winston Dewhirst, Rob Champion & Cole Cochran. We also have established links with a range of sub-contractors, for carrying out specialised work and moving effectively through larger projects. For individual profiles of Philip, Winston, Rob and Cole, check out the section on O2 Landscapes Staff.