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From 2013 through to the middle of 2015, Philip Smith worked on a book project with David Straight, concerning a subject that is of central importance to O2 Landscapes’ work; vernacular (or everyday) landscapes. The book, ‘Vernacular’, was released in the spring of 2015. Within this website, David and I explain more about some of the objects and landscapes that we encountered as part of our travels, as well as describing aspects of what we explored within the book.


Rob Champion worked for O2 Landscapes for several years (through to early 2020), before moving to Sydney, where he has established his own practice. As with so many people with whom we have been fortunate to work together over the years, it was no coincidence that Rob ended up working with us – due to his broad range of interests, detailed knowledge of the natural world, and enthusiasm towards the pursuit of meaningful work.

Both of these qualities are demonstrated in the website of TARN, in which Rob has written interesting, well-written articles on plants, landscapes and culture. Rob”s photography on the TARN website is also worth viewing, especially a collection of beautiful images of Mediterranean landscapes (shot on film) that fed into design processes for projects that we designed together (whilst certain other images were taken on trips that we took together to wild places within NZ).

Titoki Nursery

Nelson plantsman, Tim Le Gros, runs one of the most interesting native nurseries in the country, specialising mostly in the propagation of the Nelson province’s distinctive flora (in addition to cultivating many Marlborough plants, and certain species from outside the upper South Island). We have worked in closely with Tim on a Nelson project, as well as utilising Titoki Nursery’s plants on projects elsewhere in the country.

New Zealand Plant Conservation Network

The NZPCN network was formed in recent years to bring more attention to New Zealand’s threatened plant species. Quite apart from the work carried out by the Network, the main reason that people should visit this website is that it is one of the best online resources about native plants. Individual plant profile sheets provide information on the habitat, threat status and cultivation requirements of a large (and growing) number of species. One of the best features of the website is the huge range of photos of plants, many of which show them within their natural habitat. Sometimes, images like these can provide greater understanding than written accounts.

Oratia Native Plant Nursery

Leaders in the propagation and trialling of native species (particularly endangered species) for introduction to amenity horticulture. O2 Landscapes works in with Oratia Native Plant Nursery by using many of these species in our projects. A great proportion have shown considerable potential for use in gardens.

Although Oratia NPN closed in late 2018, their website remains a standard information resource about the cultivation of native plants (as one part of the considerable legacy that they have built up over several decades).